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Tips to engage talented and gifted children

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3 steps to make college life a breeze

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The myth about ovulation

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Want more money? Start talking about it!

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Is your teen at risk of an eating disorder?

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What food could be damaging your child's health?

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low sugar

Healthy low sugar snacks for my kids

Too much sugar is bad for our kids; but how can you avoid the daily sugar rush and offer healthy sugar-free snacks instead? Emma Heyward explains how you can be snack savvy… It’s back to school time again and so the lunch box dilemma lurches back into every home’s spotlight – how to fill it… [Keep Reading]


Talking about money will make you rich

Are you sabotaging yourself on your way to wealth? There is a terrible price to pay for not talking about money — you’ll stop abundance in your life. Susan Hayes Culleton explains… Looking for ways to save money is very good when you have room to make your budget more efficient. But once you have… [Keep Reading]


Stress levels increase in September

As schools re-start and work re-boots, The Sleep Council has found that ‘Stresstember’ not only marks the return to routine but an increase in stress levels. Find out more… The Sleep Council latest research shows millions of people are caught in a vicious cycle of stress and sleepless nights with September identified by health professionals… [Keep Reading]

eating disorder

Is your teen at risk of an eating disorder?

Statistics show that teenagers are the most vulnerable age group when it comes to eating disorders . So how can you tell if your teen is at risk? Emma Heyward explains… A healthy, well balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health but unfortunately picky eating and issues surrounding food don’t begin and end during… [Keep Reading]

knitwear main

Autumn knitwear for kids

Get set for Autumn with some fashionable knitwear for kids which won’t break the bank.  From cosy cardigans to fairisle pattern jumpers there’s lots of choice… It’s time to say farewell to the summer and start buying key items for your kid’s wardrobe to make sure they are cosy for Autumn. Keep the chilly East… [Keep Reading]

cycle to work scheme 1

What is the cycle to work scheme?

Did you know that your employer can help you purchase a bike so that you can cycle to work. Cecilia Smith answers a reader’s question on the Cycle to Work scheme… Question: In 2009, I bought a bike under the Cycle to Work tax scheme but it was stolen last week. Can I use the… [Keep Reading]

Leaving cert

How to appeal your Leaving Cert results

Getting your Leaving Cert results is a big deal; but what can you do if you think your papers have not been marked correctly? Cecilia Smith, Development Manager at County Cavan Citizens Information Service explains how they can be rechecked… Question: If I think my Leaving Certificate papers have not been marked correctly, can I have… [Keep Reading]